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Interconnection Policy

  • Every entity, to be a member of RINEX, has to have a valid license to operate in Rwanda as an Internet or Data Service Provider.
  • RINEX management will provide a layer-2 Ethernet switch fabric for interconnection. Each member will be given a port at the RINEX facility, through which they will peer with other members.
  • Each member is responsible for providing at least a 10Mbps link to the RINEX facility.
  • RINEX members shall announce only those routes that belong to their Autonomous System and their customers.
  • Members will have to exchange routes with each other without bias or disregard.
  • All members will have to use RINEX-assigned IP address (currently in the range of for connecting and exchanging routes with each other.
  • Every member will keep its RINEX link connected at all times (24/7) for the purpose of facilitating the efficient routing and interconnection of IP transit networks within Rwanda.


Enabling local internet


To promote and manage key internet resources optimally to benefit the community


Professionalism in our actions towards our customers, partners and all stakeholders - Commitment towards achieving our objectives